HLMdiag: A Suite of Diagnostics for Hierarchical Linear Models in R

Undergrad Statistics Degrees Continue Large Increases in 2012

HLMdiag 0.2.3 on CRAN

October 17, 2013 — Leave a comment

An update to HLMdiag has just been uploaded on CRAN. This update ensures the packages compatibility with the current version of lme4, and includes some additional package maintenance. While this is not a huge update to the package, it does pave the road for the next step in HLMdiag’s development: incorporating compatibility with nlme.

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Overstating iPhone Sales with a Graphic

Data Expo 2013

Our poster won second place in the 2013 ASA data expo! Click to see a pdf of our entry.



I am a big Doctor Who fan (geek?) and with the announcement of the new Doctor came a lot of chatter on the web. One piece I found to be interesting was Nathan Yau‘s infographic outline the tenure of each doctor and joint appearances. [Via flowingdata.com]

In the current issue of AMSTAT NewsDanny Kaplan, a professor in the Mathematics and Computer Science Department at Macalester College, discusses a different approach to teaching introductory calculus that more naturally leads into statistical modeling. I really like the idea of using R—of course I am an R enthusiast—and am interested to find out more about the details of the class that they teach at Macalester.